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What is Filmi Shorts?

Filmi Shorts is an Entertainment related News app that gathers and brings to you the latest,best and top news at your finger-tips. Filmi Shorts is totally focused on Entertainment related news.
If it's entertainment it's Filmi-Shorts.

Some of our best features:

  • You get to choose what you want to see.Simply go to My Interest and set your Interest.

  • All the latest news in one place,don't worry.

  • Many varieties of articles,much entertainment.

How can you sort articles you like for reading later?
Simple,just bookmark it,by clicking on the option available at the bottom of your screen.
How to get the Feed you like?
Tap on My Interest on discover page or in the menu,select languages and Categories.Done.There you go.

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Yesss !!! Get a customised feed on your own favourite genres, movies and stars and latest movie news. Get Filmi Shorts delivered to you daily according to your preferences and choices.

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